Secure WordPress Website

How to Secure WordPress Website?

Are you running a website? Then security should be on top priority for you because thousands of websites hacked every day by hackers, want to secure a WordPress website? then keep reading.

Hackers can destroy your complete site in just seconds or can add a suspicious code to your web files like that your site can spread virus and google can block your website in their searches.

According to many researchers and reports approx 85-90% of websites hacked are developed using WordPress.

I think now you are feeling you have done a big mistake by choosing as a platform for your website. But don’t worry WordPress is not a bad platform it’s a very popular platform, more than one-third of websites on the internet are developed using WordPress.

If it was so easy to hack WordPress, then this open source would not be so popular.

The problem is that people create websites without a security check, and hackers easily hack them.

This means that websites that are not developed with security in mind are easily hacked. Whether it is developed in any open source or custom code, if there is a loophole then hackers will easily hack.

Then what security measures you need to do to secure your website?

How to Secure Website?

Here is a list of steps you need to do to secure your website or blog.

  1. Purchase hosting from a brand name instead of using a free hosting or local hosting company. Unable to find the best hosting click here to know more.
  2. Purchase an SSL certificate for your website, most hosting companies provided free SSL certificates with hosting purchases for the first year.
  3. Never download premium themes or plugins if available at cheap rates or free by unknown sources. If you can not purchase a premium theme or plugin form provider then go for the free available version at .org.
  4. In installation change the default username ‘admin’ to something hard to guess for others.
  5. Use a nickname to show with your articles, To change/update nickname go to Users->All users and edit the user, now on the edit page scroll down to find the “Nickname” field, in this field enter a nickname you want to show with your blog articles, To save click on the “Update user” button.
  6. Use a strong password for your login. Don’t know how to change the WordPress admin password? Read how to change the WP admin password?
  7. Change default admin URL form wp-admin or wp-login.php to something else. To know more read our guide on how to change the admin URL?
  8. Limit the number of admin login attempts.
  9. From time to time take backup or set up an auto backup for your database and keep it in a secure place.
  10. If your theme or a plugin is custom developed then Keep a secure backup of the files on your local computer.
  11. Keep a backup of your .htaccess file on your local computer.
  12. Always update core WordPress, themes, and plugins you have installed on your site with the latest versions.
  13. Use a security plugin to secure your website like Sucuri.

If you follow all the points mentioned above and up-to-date your WordPress blog then you will be never in trouble. and hackers need to do hard work to break your website.

Please keep in mind never think you are running a small website so don’t need to aware of the security of your blog or website.

Hackers never think and know more about the site they are trying to hack, they will try and try more to get success.

For some hackers it’s a business, for some it’s a fun and for some it’s a revenge.

So never make mistakes and follow all security measures to secure a WordPress website.