Restore WordPress Database

How To Restore WordPress Database?

That’s great you have a backup to restore the and live again your blog. I used “That’s great” because you are on some serious owners they backup their blog database from time to time. Most of the bloggers and website owners never take a backup of their database.

If you are on this page by accident and not taking your backup then start form today, So that you don’t have to regret in the future if you lose your blog content for any reason. Don’t know how then read our guide “How to Backup The WordPress Database?

Restore Using phpMyAdmin

Do you you have a backup SQL file then you can easily restore using phpMyAdmin, if you don’t have then try to get a backup file from server auto backups read “Backup using cPanel

Follow these steps to restore using phpMyAdmin

Login to cPanel, cPanel link and details can be found in a welcome email if you don’t have then contact your hosting provider support.

cPanel Login

On Dashboard Go to the “” section and click on the “phpMyAdmin” option.

cPanel Database Section

Now phpMyAdmin will open in two parts, in the left part name of databases will show click on your blog name.

Don’t know the name then read
How to find the Database name in WordPress?

Now all tables under that database will show in the right-side panel.

In the top menu, click on the “Import” button.

On the next screen select SQL file from your computer using the “Browse” field.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Go” button.

Now restore the database process will start, Did you seen a success message?

Congrulation! The database restored successfully.

No, problem to restore and showing error message then your SQL backup file is corrupt. You will see the exact error in phpMyAdmin, read the error carefully and try with any other backup SQL file if you have.