point a domain to hosting

How to point a domain to hosting

After purchase a web hosting and domain you need to put together both of them to live a website, because both are separate and you need to make a relation in both of them by the point a domain to hosting, for that following you required

  • A purchased domain name
    • Domain manager login details
  • A purchased hosting account
    • Hosting account login details

Here are the steps to point a domain to hosting

  • Step 1
    • Check your welcome email of which you received form hosting at the time of purchase for NameServers
    • If you did not find the email then contact support, they can send you a welcome email again or provide you nameservers again.
    • If you are working for the client then ask your client for NameServers.
    • Usually, NameServers look like ns1.example.com & ns2.example.com.
  • Step 2
    • Now login to your domain manager.
    • Click on domain name or option button in the list of domains
    • Now you will see many options, find your domain name server settings.
    • Click on the change button or link.
    • remove old NameServers and add your own NameServers provided by the hosting account.
  • Step 3
    • Wait for 24-48 hours to link domain with hosting.
    • Sometimes this process takes just 2-3 hours and sometimes more than 1 day.
    • You can face this problem domain pointed for you but not pointed to a person outside your country or region because to work some globally it takes 48 hours.
    • if still after 48 hours domain not pointed to hosting then contact or check NameServers added to your domain manager are correct as provided by hosting.

Many domain provides can add name servers to your domain panel for free.

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