how to choose the best domain name

How to choose the best domain name

Are you searching for the best domain name? then you are in the right place, here I will tell you how to choose the best domain name and the importance of a domain name.

Finding the right domain name for your blog is crucial for your success. In starting if you choose the best domain name then you will never face problems in your blogging journey.

But if you selected a bad domain name then in future it’s possible you feel to change that domain and that can be very painful for your blog, Because the domain name is the identity of the blog to the whole world and changing a domain name the same as changing your brand name.

The general rule applies for a good domain name is it must be related to your idea or business and can show you different in the market with competitors.

A short, simple domain name to leave a good impression on the visitor, easily someone can remember your domain name.

Suppose a person comes to your site through the search engine or a social network site like twitter, Facebook then it’s should be simple and easy to remember to come next time directly on your blog.

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Here are some points they can help you to buy the best domain name.

1. Choosing a domain’s name extension

Choose the domain extension to fit your requirements like .com, .net. .org, .info, .biz, .me. The .Com extension is the most popular and common, used by most businesses and services.

2. Choose a Short domain name

A short domain name easy to remember.

3. Easy to write and speak

Because mouth publicity is the best publicity in the world. When you think about most famous domain names than in your mind following name will come first Google, Facebook, Twitter, why because all are easy to write and speak.

4. No Hyphens And Numbers

In a domain name use of a hyphen(-) or number not good because they break a rhythm.

5. Try to Use keywords

Select the domain name with the keywords they describe your business and service clearly.

6. Preference to area

If your business is a city-based business then you can add your city name in your domain. for example, a Florida based auto repair shop domain name can be For worldwide visitors do not use an area-based domain name.

7. Keep a unique domain name

The name of domain like a brand name of your business so it should be unique to stand out in the crowd.

If you remember the following points then I can say with full confidence you can find the best domain name for your business or services. during research, if you feel this is the best domain name for your business then book immediately before some other book that.

How to Book a domain name

  1. Go to a domain service provider website and search your preferred domain, In our suggestion NameCheap is the best domain and hosting, provider. You can use any other like BlueHost, GoDaddy, I suggested NameCheap because I am a developer and used for me and for my clients all types of hostings and found NameCheap is the best in cost, support, and service.
  2. In my suggestion in search, you found that your domain name is available with your extension then book that immediately, the available domain will show with buy now button and the not available domain will show with the “Make Offer” button and not available alert.
  3. If you did not find domain with your search keyword then under the not available domain alert box, you can also see suggestions of other domain names, if you feel any is good as your requirement then you can choose from the list but here you need to be alert about the extension of the domain because the same domain name can be available in another extension like you want to book a .com extension domain and in suggestions with exact your search keyword .net, .info .etc extension domain names will show.
  4. In search, if you found the desired domain name make payment and book immediately before someone else buy that.

How to Serch a domain

Use the below form to search and check for the domain name.

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