WordPress admin URL

How to change the WordPress admin URL?

To secure a blog it’s a very important step you need to do as soon as possible after installing and setup WordPress. In this post, we will discuss changing the WordPress admin URL to protect your blog.

You need to do this because thousand of hackers are ready to hack your blog if you are thinking you just started and don’t have valuable content on your blog so no need to worry, then you are wrong.

Because they can do this only for fun or spread their virus to site visitors, By changing the URL of the login page you can take a great security step for your blog.

How to change the admin URL

  • Login to admin.
  • Go to Plugins->Add New.
  • Search for WPS Hide Login using the search bar or click here to download from wordpres.org
  • Now install the WPS Hide Login plugin and activate it.
  • After activate go to the Setting->General page and scroll down the page, You will found the “WPS Hide Login” plugin setting.
  • Enter a new login URL “yourchoicetext” in the “Login URL” text field, so now the full admin login URL will be
change the WordPress admin URL
  • Remember your choice URLK and save the full URL in a text file for the future if you forgot.
  • Now logout and test the old URL
    You will found you will be redirected to a 404 page.
    Now enter the new URL
    and you will see the admin login page.

You have done it now your admin can not be open using a default WordPress login URL, and you are the only one who know your admin URL.

I forgot the custom admin URL what now?

If you forgot your added custom admin URL text then you need to delete plugin files using following steps

  1. Login to or open FTP manager in FileZilla
  2. Go to your installation folder of public_html folder
  3. Open the wp-content folder, inside the wp-content folder explore the plugins folder.
  4. Now find the “WPS Hide Login” folder select the folder and delete the folder.
  5. Now you can open with the default admin URL