UpdraftPlus Best WordPress Backup Plugin

The Best WordPress Backup Plugin to Protect Valuable Hard Work

Your site is a very important property for you suppose one day by mistake you lose your valuable content and hard work of many years.

It’s impossible to create the same as again in a short time, even after investing a lot of time and money it’s very difficult to create everything as you have in past.

As we know thousands of hackers also have an eye on our online presence and every day they are trying to destroy everything for money or just for fun. It can be only fun for them but this will be a very big loss for you.

What to do to keep all safe?

Yes, it’s a really important question for a site owner and you should take some action for that, and action is you need to take backup of your website and code from time to time. To a custom-developed website, you need to do this manually and it’s not simple for a site owner as most site owners are not technical then they need to hire a website developer to do that.

As you have a website so it’s more important for you to take website backup before and after each update or change on site because update and change are not difficult on a WordPress and you don’t need to be more technical to update plugins and themes, it can be done easily.

All is simple on but a simple action can break your site. For example, you just update a plugin without backup and something goes wrong and now your site is not loading, but now you can not do anything because you don’t have a backup.

Using you can take a website backup by just installing a WordPress plugin, so you don’t need to worry, there are many plugins are available to backup everything.

Now a question again can give you problem, Which is best plugin to take a backup of my hard and valuable years work.

Best Backup Plugin

After testing and installing a lot of backup plugins on different websites according to site and clients needs I found “UpdraftPlus” is the best backup plugin.

With UpdraftPlus it’s very easy to save backup and restore on any loss. It’s a very popular plugin with over 3 million active installations.

Plugin able to restore any type of site loss, it can be server side problem, hacking attempts to your site, or any mistake.

Because using UpdraftPlus you can save the complete site and backup to the cloud(Dropbox, Google Drive) and can restore just in a click.

Why UpdraftPlus is best WordPress backup Plugin?

The free version of UpdraftPlus works fine and can full fill of your all needs, the features of free plugin can defeat any other backup plugin and make it best in their category:

  • Easy to take the manual backup anytime and schedule automatic backup.
  • In just 1 Click you can restore all data.
  • Cloud backup available for free, no other free plugin provides this feature.
  • The most important plugin installed more than 3 million sites.

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