WordPress using the SMTP Server

Best Plugin to Send Email in WordPress using the SMTP Server

site sends emails to admin and users to notify based on the action, and you are not sending email in WordPress using the SMTP Server then most of the emails can fire to Spam.

Like you to have a user management system, then on user registration site will send a welcome email, and suppose user receive an email as SPAM then your site will lose the trust of the user.

Also, your site needs to send many emails to the admin on submitting a form by site users, and you are using any other services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail to read your emails, and you are receiving emails in the SPAM folder, Then you can miss an important query asked by site visitors on the right time.

Why emails going to spam?

By default, uses the PHP mail() function to send out emails to admin and other site users.

But the biggest problem with the PHP simple mail function is that it sends most of your emails into spam rather than inbox because most hosting provider’s incoming email servers restrict usage of the PHP mail() function to prevent spam.

If an email receiving into a spam folder from your site to you then it’s possible you will not see the email or you will see it after a long time and then that email will be useless for you.

The same will happen to others they are receiving emails from your site into spam. As result, people will not trust the site or will never read the mail sent from the site.

Then what is the solution of this, the solution is that you need to send the email using SMTP, so that the incoming server can trust your email and does not send the email to spam.

How to use SMTP in WordPress?

It’s very simple with WordPress, you just need to install the plugin to send email using STMPT. You can found many plugins on the plugin directory to do this, but you need to choose the best WordPress plugin to send the email to your recipients.

After use a lot of plugins I found “Easy WP SMTP” as the best plugin to send an email with an STMTP server, and most importantly it’s available for free to use.

Why Easy WP SMTP?
  • Over 500000 sites already using the plugin.
  • Avalaible into 26 langauges.
  • Has a lot of positive reviews.

What do I need to set up any STMP plugin?

To setup STMP plugin on any server you need following:

  1. SMTP server name
  2. Email id and Password of the SMTP server
  3. SMPT Port

How to configure Easy WP SMTP Plugin?

With the Easy WP SMTP plugin, you can easily configure and send all outgoing emails via an SMTP server.

It’s not complicated, just install the plugin and activate it, now go to using menu “Setting”->”Easy WP SMTP” fill all values in the form and save it.

You can test a welcome email on the same page using the “Testing & debugging setting” below the setting.

Features Of Easy WP SMTP

  • The plugin is able to send emails using an SMTP server(Your own Hosting STMP, Gmail STMP, YahooSTMP, Hotmail’s STMP).
  • A great way to securely deliver emails to your site recipients.
  • Debug option available to see if the emails are getting sent out successfully or not.
  • You can add a Reply-to email address.
  • Easily you can Export and Import the SMTP settings.

Like that your site can prevent emails from going into the spam folder of the recipients.