Compress Image in WordPress

Best Plugin to Compress Images in WordPress to Speed Up Website

Do you have a lot of images on your website and it has become a headache for you because your site pages are getting very slowly at open the first time. Next time that is loading a little fast but it’s not enough for you.

You want to increase the speed of your site without removing and changing images? To do this, you need to install a plugin to compress images in website.

Are you looking for a plugin that can increase the speed of your site just by compress images in website? if yes then you are on the right page.

Why website speed is important and How Images are responsible?

Large images make the site very slow, due to which many times the users close the site before it is fully loaded and like that you lose the trust of site visitor first time.

If you are using a lot of images on a page, Then they can also slow down your site even you upload small images, but a number of images can affect site load speed and take a long time to load the page fully.

Also, search engines do not give priority to slow sites. Instead of a slow site, it gives more preference to a fast-loading site even your blog content is better than another site.

Then how to compress images in and speed up the website?

It’s very simple, you just need to install a plugin to Compress Images in WordPress.

In the plugin directory, you can found many plugins to do that, but it’s important you need to select the best image compression plugin.

Then you will think about how to choose the best plugin, it can be difficult for you as you are looking for that first time. But don’t worry after using this plugin we are going to suggest to you to use it on your blog.

The best plugin we found to reduce image size is “EWWW Image Optimizer” and most importantly it’s available for free to use.

Why you can trust EWWW Image Optimizer?

  • There is no file size limit as many optimizer plugins have, you can upload any size image, the plugin will compress to as much as possible.
  • It’s smoothly handles pixel-perfect optimization.
  • The plugin uses the best compression quality ratio.
  • Using intelligent image conversion options you can get the best quality image.
  • Most important the free plugin provides a lot of features than any other plugin.

How to configure EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin?

It’s not complicated, just install the plugin and activate it, if you don’t know how to install the plugin then click here. Also, take a backup of all your site before installing any plugin or make a change on site it’s recommended by me.

After install, you don’t need to be technical to configure this plugin the plugin will optimize all of your new uploaded images automatically.

If you want to optimize already exist images then after install and activate the plugin go to “Media->Bulk Optimize” using the left menu. You will see a “Scan for unoptimized images” button, click on the button

Now after check images you will see how many images need to be available for optimizing with the button “Optimize <number> Images”. After the hit button images will optimize auto to best ratio. Please remember to take full site backup before doing this.

By just using an Image optimizer plugin you can speed up your website. if you are still facing a problem then check our best plugin selection for a good blog:

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