Advertising with Google

Does Advertising with Google Work Well?

Advertising is very important to increase your business rapidly, advertising is a way to show your service and product to the whole world and you can easily put your business or service in front of the people through Google Ads. Advertising with Google will work for you or not we will discuss here.

You will be happy to know that the best thing about Google Ads is that you can show ads at your cost in your preferred location. It also famous for Google Ads that if you invest $1 to advertise with Google, then you will receive $3 in return means your money can be triple using google ads.

Google Ads is a way that can give a big boost to your business or services if the ad created properly with the right keyword and setting.

I have done lot of favor about google ads now we need to come on point, is google ads will work for you?

Then simple answer is you need to first try if you have extra money to spend on advertisement. It’s possible with google ads, an advertisement can give a big boost to your business or services or you can feel you lose your money without getting any business.

But you know this only if you will use google ads, in my case if I will use google ads to advertise Work Demonstration then this will not work for me.

Why use advertising with Google (Google Ads)?

As we all know google is very smart and it’s a big search engine most of the peoples using google every day there is no other search engine in google competition.

Where my ads will show on advertising with Google?

Google ads can show on google sites like,, Play Store, Android apps and on partner websites/apps they are using Google Adsense program to show advertisements on their websites/apps.

How Google show its ads to third-party websites and apps?

As for advertisers, Google has (Google Ads) to create ads.
And to serve ads to website/app owners Google has an Adsense Publisher Program

How much is google earning with Google Ads?

According to Google, they earn approx 68% of the total amount paid by advertisers and pays the rest of the amount to publishers they are using Google Adsense program, in actual it can be more as if the ad will show on Google search engine results then google will not pay anything to any other person.